Capt. Doug "Butch" Rickey

Capt. Doug “Butch” Rickey was born on Amelia Island, Florida, in 1945. Four years later he caught his first fish, a sheephead, with his Uncle Gus, from the Fernandina Beach pier, which he owned. That was the beginning of a lifetime love affair with fishing. As a young boy he was moved south to the Ft. Myers area, where he grew up on Captiva and Sanibel Islands. His love of fishing became a life-long passion, and he has spent most of his life fishing up and down the west coast of Florida. Oh, he's fished in many other places from North Carolina to Hawaii, but he's never been happy away from the Gulf of Mexico and the flats and backcountry fishing that southwest Florida has to offer, for very long.

As one of the oldest guides in his area, Butch fishes with anglers of all skill levels and all walks of life. Live bait fishing southwest Florida style is very different from what most folks have ever done, and Capt. Butch is an instructional guide who is willing and skilled at teaching his customers. Over the years spanning his guiding career Butch has guest hosted on local TV fishing shows, guest hosted on “The Capt. Mel Berman Show” several times, starred in “How To Catch Redfish”, an instructional video, and written numerous articles for several fishing magazines. He has been webmaster of his own website, for nearly 20 years, and his weekly “Fishing Reports” are used by a host of other fishing websites. He has also given numerous fishing seminars at boat shows and for fishing organizations.

Butch's other passion is computers and computing, and he has been at it since long before the first PC. It all started with working on huge military computer systems in the USAF during the 60's, and today Butch loves the challenge of getting a broken or poorly working computer running, again. But, fishing comes first!

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