Sailboat Rigging

Rigging industry experts Brooks Paul Jones and Brion Toss team up to answer your sailboat standing and running rigging questions.

Brooks Paul Jones
Brooks Paul Jones started Sailing Services, Inc. back in 1974 as a rigging service based in Coconut Grove, Florida. While attending college, Brooks had interests in buying, fixing and selling sailboats. In this process the focus became one of fixing rigging. An interest in going sailing without rigging problems and a shop full of rigging supplies evolved into a full time rigging service. In fact, Sailing Services provided BoatUS Members with quality service for over 4 years.

Over the years Sailing Services, Inc. has been able to fill the needs of other professional riggers for high quality, fabricated rigging assemblies and hardware. Sailing Services has been the source of STA-LOK terminals for the USA for over 30 years and is also a full line distributor for the high quality rigging products.

His knowledge and hands-on approach to the rigging aftermarket and repairs on many different sizes and types of sailboats built in many parts of the world has given Brooks a background in creating the highest quality rigging replacements.

Brion Toss
Master Rigger Brion Toss became well-known as author of The Riggers Apprentice, first printed in 1984, and today considered an authoritative text on the subject of rigging.

Brion's career as a Master Rigger was borne from an obsession with knots over 30 years ago, which led him to work with some of the finest traditional riggers in the world. Brion, and his staff at Brion Toss Yacht Riggers, based in Port Townsend, Washington, has rigged everything from tiny daysailers to racing yachts to huge square-riggers.

With his extensive experience, Brion is able to take the ageless wisdom of traditional rigging and apply it to the materials and applications of today, pursuing the challenge of designing "the ideal rig" - that unique combination of details best-suited to a particular boat and its particular crew. The ideal rig will make any boat sail better, faster, and safer.

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