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Seaworthy, the BoatUS Marine Insurance Damage Avoidance publication uses actual claims to show why accidents occur and how they could have been avoided. Seaworthy is available free to all BoatUS Insureds. It is also available by subscription for $10/year or $18 for two years. Call 1 800-262-8082 ext 3276 or go to


Hurricane Preparation & Damage Avoidance. In 1983, after Hurricane Alicia devastated Houston, BoatUS fielded its first catastrophe (CAT) team of experienced surveyors, salvors, and claims adjusters to deal with the damage. The CAT teams have responded to every hurricane since, and after each the editors of Seaworthy magazine have debriefed them. With every storm, we have added to our store of knowledge of what hurricane preparation works and what doesnt, and how best to prepare boats to avoid damage. The editors of Seaworthy, Beth Leonard and Charles Fort, can answer your questions on this challenging topic.