About a year ago you published a product review about a steering wheel wrap for stainless steel steering wheels. I now in need to wrap my new boat's stainless steel wheel. Please provide me with information about this product. Thanks, Capt. Martin Tunon
Opinion on a 1983 black in 25 ft. Combo with twin 150 hp evinrude
Last November I entered into a sales contract with a yacht broker to sell my trawler. I think he threw a curveball past me by making the effective due date for monies owed to me Dec 31, 2015 instead of Dec 31, 2014. Because I did not notice this when I signed the contract, am I at a loss until the end of the year? Was it lawful for him to do this?
How to have a bimini top made that attaches to the grab rail around the center console. Would be narrower but how long and how many bows? Attach on top or sides of rail?
My Bayfield 29 was ready for trucking and haulout at Elizabeth City NC on Jan 11 with the intent of trucking to FL.The marina operator advised me he would be closed for MLK day and other days were ok for trucker to pickup.The trucker calls and was advised that yard was closed on other days and could not pick up either for vacation or for mechanical probs with the travellift.Because of this I lose my arranged trucking.It is now the 27th and despite several phone messages left and emails sent I have no response at all as to when I can get the boat trucked.Any suggestions?
Cheap way to keep up with friends instead of using AIS or Radio. There are many free apps for iPhones and iPad that can track you and your friends location(s). What a neat way to know where your boating friends are at all times. It's also a safety issue. Your family and friends know where you are at all times. I've been looking for a cheap way for my family to keep up with me while I make my East Coast ICW trip this summer. An article may have been written about this but I haven't seen it. Articles on cost effective Tech ways of doing things is always an interesting reading.
We were given from a dying friend some gallons of BOATS US ablative Copper Coat blue bottom paint never opened. Some of the 8 cans may have been frozen at one time. Can they still be used ? Thanks, Leah
I have been looking at used sailboats in the 32 foot range. Some have sail drives and some have a shaft with a prop. My gut feeling is that I should go with the prop and shaft model. However, I would like your opinion if I should buy a boat with a sail drive or is the prop and shaft design a better choice?
What is the purpose of the hole on the weighted end of a claw/bruce anchor used for ?
Member since 1985. We are currently under contract to purchase a 1990 Grand Banks 36 Classic. Survey done by Boat US recommended Mike Firestone (exceptional find). She has the typical GB mast ie held in place by two wing nuts at the base and two stays each to port and starboard. We want to put her under cover once we take ownership and already have a covered slip. My question is how to safely lower the mast to get her under the shed. I am sure there is a smart way, a brute way and a stupid way. I want the former. The current owner has never lowered so no help there. It is aluminum but probably top heavy with radar and tv dome. I think it could easily "get away" from me before I could safely lower into the GB cradle which is aft. Any thoughts to do it safely and smartly greatly appreciated. Thanks Craig Thompson 210-452-9457
Bought hand-held VHF & regestered and recieved an MMSI number. Does the radio & number stay with me or the boat? Selling registered boat and restoring a "woodie" as my next boat. Thanks, Kurt Gorbutt
Tom Neale, Thank you for the response regarding my search for inboard strainer caps that were available years ago that had been drilled and tapped for fresh water flushing. Tried to respond via the return link, but No Way... I will utilize the sources you suggested to see if the drilled caps are still available. If not, I will have the caps on my strainers modified to accommodate fresh water flushing. Thank you for your response, and I appreciate your input. Also your monthly Soundings articles. Bruce Longman Cape Coral, FL shjpwrk2@att.net
Dear Experts! My question for you is regarding Bbq grills on boats. We have a 2014 22 ft hurricane and we'd like to put a grill on it. Preferably a rectangle grill rather then the round ones. The problem is where is the best place to install it? We've been told to place it on the railing but it appears it would be to close to the seat and possibly burn it or melt it. Could you please help solve this dilemma? Id really appreciate it! Thanks so much! Tracy L Sarasota, Florida
Hi Tom, I read the recent (Oct/Nov issue)article called "Getting Kinky". I have an experience to share, my problem was cause by a missing anchor swivel. By the advise of a Surveyor, I ran out and bought a stainless swivel and installed it on the anchor line. The line corrected itself over the next few anchorings, letting the spin of the anchor in the water help it out. Mike
I mistakenly had my boat pulled for the winter and had forgotten to empty the waste tank. Is there a way to empty the tank manually? The boat is a 1978 Watkins 29 sloop.
Tom, I would like to know if I am permitted to change the name of my boat? When I purchased it, I named it and now I don't really care for the name. Thanks, Fred
I write with regard to Mark Pacy's problem described in "Getting Kinky" on page 98 - 99 of the October/November 2014 issue of Boat U.S. Magazine. I had the same problem and experienced the same frustration (to this day). I purchased a 1991 Pursuit 2650 a few years ago. Shortly after, I experienced some health problems that made it difficult to retrieve the anchor by hand.. I purchased a Lewmar windlass from West Marine and had it installed by a professional. I had all the same problems as Mark. I did all the things Tom suggested in addition to purchasing a swivel connector between the rode and anchor so the line could release the twist and kinks of any lingering memory ( note: I believe the line has Alzheimer's at this point). However, I still have the same problem. But at this time I believe I at least understand the problem. The anchor rode locker is not deep enough. The rode does not have enough depth to fall and lay properly. Like Mark, in the beginning I thought I had to pull the rope through the windlass while it was engaged in order to retrieve the rode. Now I realize, all I have to do is continually push the rode forward to allow the rode enough space to drop and lay properly. Absent a means of reconfiiguring the depth of the rode locker, I'm not sure there is a solution to this problem. If you have one, I'm all ears.I'll keep an eye out in future issues for a solution.
I have looked at a 1998 Crownline 268 cr and found the following issue: It appears either water intrusion has occurred below the port side port lights or possibly an unaddressed condensation problem. I found black mold on two of the seat cushions in the general area. I pulled away some of the side panel covering and the foam underneath is moldy as well as damp and crumbling. This seems like a big problem to me, that having mold in the sleeping area. I would expect that the dampness problem could have been prevented with proper de-humidification (unless it is a leak). I'm not sure how extensive the job would be to remove the mold that has formed. My inclination is to walk away from this boat and continue looking. Thank you for your opinion.
I'd like to ship my Corsair F-27 from Vermont to Bokeelia, FL. Can this be done by rail? Any other suggestions?
I am not sure I was successful in transmitting this question previously so I will try again. I have a 2004 F225 Yamaha on a 24' walk around. I would like to find out what can be done to minimize the abrupt change when moving the shift lever from forward or neutral to reverse. In neutral I still have prop rotation (forward) that will keep the boat moving upstream on the way to the mooring. The engine is idling between 600 and 700 RPM. Any suggestions on how to smooth the transition from neutral to reverse.
I'm looking for someone in the DeLand, FL area qualified to service an Owens Kleen Tank Type II Marine Sanitation Device. Thanks,
what is a fair price for a 2005 chrestliner 1850 fishhawk. 115 mercury 4 stroke, 2 fishfinders, vynl floor. excellent condition. other extras.
For years I have used a product called TS Clear Coat made by or distributed by Transtech Services , Dallas Texas. A GREAT WAX and sealant for fiberglass. Now I cant find it , do you know if they are still in business and or just moved or did they change the name ? Rosie
Where do I search for cushion cover replacement tips and tutorials?
My wife and I recently purchased a Pearson 34-2. During the winter it will be on the hard at Brewers in Greenport, NY. I hear differing views on whether to leave the mast up or take it off during the winter. What information can you offer on this subject? Thank you for your expertize. Michael
What is your preference between separate levers for throttle and shift versus the single lever dual function controls? I have a boat with 2 steering stations, and am concerned with how the controls respond to feed-back from the cables, as well as my own risk of confusion in a tight situation. Thank you, Robert Schulke SV Zelda Fitzgerald, San Francisco
I was stopped on the Potomac near DC / Georgetown for the use of a forward spot light. I read this on Boat U.S. "When using a spotlight, remember that the human eye requires from 12-40 minutes to fully recover its night vision after exposure to bright light. When using a spotlight on the water, point the beam down low, or in front of or behind another boat, or even up into the rigging. Avoid directing your beam in anyone's eyes¿you don't want to destroy the night vision of another boater trying to operate safely in the same area as you..." I've searched several places (USCG, BoatUS, and MD fish & game) and no clear answer. Any assistance would be great. Thank you, Christian
fresh water is grey
On a V6 4.3l I/O how many years after a proper winterization would that engine be protected from corrosion etc if left untouched since that winterization.
I herd mixed reviews on Eastern Boats. What is your opinion on Eastern Boats, quality, workmanship and warranty? I currently have a small Whaler and the quality in workmanship is wonderful. But we like the style of the Eastern boats but we are too far from any dealer to view a boat. I have herd, under the hull is pretty poor quality but this may have been just a guy pushing his brand too.
I want to install a new toilet in the head, and use raw water to flush. The only seacock on the boat is the engine cooling raw water intake. Is there a way that I can draw my raw water for the toilet from this inlet, and avoid drilling another hole in the boat? Thanks, Don Wolter
Hi Tom, I have a 25 foot Wellcraft with a windlass. I have approx. 300' of 1/2" anchor line with 16' of 3/8" chain. On a typical day, I usualy pay out approx half. The line is twisting and hanging up in the windlass. I can go below deck and pull on the line while my 1st mate hits the switch and it works fine, but if there is no tention from below it hangs up. Is the solution new line or paying it all out and untwisting it? Does the line have a memory now and never be good for anything but be cut up for dock lines? Thanks in advance Mark
I have a Silverton 360 Express Cruiser and the head flushes with sea water into the holding tank. At times the water smells bad. Is there a way to re-plumb using fresh water from the on board tank or even the fresh water supply when hooked up to the city supply? Thanks a million!
I need to transport my boat (Sea Ray Sundancer 280) over land from the Occoquan River to Smith Mountain Lake (and back) in early July. Where can I find a service provider? What is a reasonable cost?
My brother-in-law and I are partners in a 2001 Grady White Voyager and when the boat is docked in the marina he switches the batteries to off. I told him that the bilge pump will not work if he does that, but he insists that the pump is still hot and the float switch will turn it on if there¿s water in the bilge. I don¿t believe that¿s the case but can you clarify; and if I¿m correct can you provide some technical specs or bulletin that I can use to convince him to keep one battery hot while the boat is docked. Thanks Lee S.
I am interested in a yacht currently located in Canada with the following history. It is a twin engine diesel powered 45' Ocean Alexander fiberglass boat. I will want to register it in Michigan. I may also consider taking possession in Canada and water delivering it myself. The boat was purchased new by the current Canadian owner. The Canadian dealership for Ocean Alexander yachts was Great Lakes Altus in Bronte Harbour, Ontario. It was shipped from Taiwan to New York where it was taken off the ship and driven via water to Ontario. At that time the duty was paid into Canada. The boat is currently a registered vessel in Canada and has never been registered in USA. Can you help me or direct me to a source of information on what duties/taxes/tariffs my purchase might be subject to? I am trying to determine if I should spend the money to fly to Canada to view the boat. If there are huge costs of importation and registration involved it will obviously put pressure on price. The selling boat broker tells me it is quite complex and referred me to a customs broker who of course wants to charge me to give an answer. Thanks!
Hello, I own a slip and will be renting it this year. Is there a good place to get a sample lease and what it should include and exclude. Also, is there anything I need to be concerned about other then Boat insurance and registration? Thanks for any help. Dan
We have a Formula 27' PC with a power anchor. I can't seem to find any info on how to know how much of the anchor line we have let out, when dropping anchor. Is there something we're missing? How might we know or estimate this? Thank You. Joann
I am confused regarding current laws and regulations of NDZ no discharge zones as they relate to the Chesapeake Bay. I recently acquired a lovely boat with a perfectly operating Raritan Electra San. Can it still be used in the Chesapeake Bay? Calls to Coast Guard and MD DNR got me vague and conflicting answers. Also May it be used legally in the AICW? Thank you, Dick Burkhard.
I have been looking at fractional boat ownership and was wondering if its a good idea. It is hard to get a good feeling for what the real costs are. Can you recommend some resources for me to look at other than marketing information?
This is more of a comment than a question regarding your Spring Check List, which I thought was excellent. A safety suggestion is to use good Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedures which would suggest checking all engine and mechanical items BEFORE connecting the battery, An accidental start could be tragic with a hand on a belt or prop. Safe boating! John
Hi, I moor and use my 27ft Catalina mainly in Buzzards Bay MA during late May - mid Oct. I have a layer of Red ablative bottom paint below a layer of Blue ablative bottom paint, the intention being that when I see Red, I know I have to re-coat with Blue, which I do just before I launch the boat in spring. My question is, can I really wait until I see Red before applying more Blue? In other words, I am wondering if the Blue coat can lose it's effectiveness even when the Blue color is still present on the bottom. I have heard it said that you need to re-coat every 2 years or so. How does that line up with the idea that I only have to re-coat if I see Red? Thanks
Hi John, I am currently looking for a charter rental agreement that my husband and I can use for our yacht. We plan to rent the boat for overnights at the dock and occasional short cruises. Thank you for your time.
I am considering installing a windlass on my 88 30ft sea ray weekender...not much locker space ...am looking at a maxwell rc88 vertical...I need to stow 125ft of rope/chain...would appreciate your comments/suggestions. thank-you
how do i determine if my RIB 310 is Hypo or PVC
I filled my 50 gal reserve gas tank, spring 2012 and haven't used any of that fuel since due to engine problems. Additives have been added in 2012 & 2013. Main tank was filled with new gas in September before haul-out. I have new twin 200hp Yamaha's being installed in the next two months. Should I have that 50 gallons of gas in the reserve tank pumped out or is it possible to test it for octane rating? Thank you, Dave Robbins
is there a standard rule of thumb to gauge gas consumption based on single or double engines and size, mainly inboard motors?
Hi, this is mike tierney again. Two things, first I flew back to New Jersey and the left the boat in Florida so it will take a few months to get the pump number. The second thing is I couldn't find a way to answer my first e-mail and thank you for all your help. Mike
We just bought a 1997 ucruisers 3575 with 7.4mercruisers (inboards). Should I be worried about water ingestion on this model? Any preventative measures? Thanks! Ryan Bayer
researching and will buy a preowned trawler..I've read no insurance avail if more than 20 yr old ??..True ??..looking at Mainship/Defever..and cost estimate ? Thanks !!
I have just purchased a 25' Steiger Block Island. For all my previous boats, I have used the dinghy that came with the boat. Now I need to purchase one. What are the pros and cons of different types of dinghy. I will be towing it most of the time, but have it on board part of the time.
I am new to boating and would you tell me the differance between a double cabin trawler and a tri cabin trawler. Thanks Joe
I would like to suspend my aluminum pontoon boat from my davites, Is there a problem with hot dipped galvanized shackles connected to the aluminum pontoon lifting eyes or shoild I use stainless steel shackles?
Getting ready to launch a restored Catalina 22. Thinking of doing an on-trailer test of the Honda outboard, incl. filling the thank and putting it on board, connecting fuel lines and wiring (to test battery charging), installing the motor on its mount, installing flushing "muffs" with garden hose water supply. By doing so, I should be able to start and run the motor to assure all systems are functional. Makes sense, yes? Advice on precautions, run time, etc, please? Thanks for your help.
I have a 1988 Marinette aft cabin cruiser. For the past 5 years I have been wondering how I can get frozen stainless screws out of the railings on the aluminum deck. When I ask people that I think might work on it--they mumble and go away scared. Is it that bad?
Dear Tom & Mel, 1999 Sea Ray Sundancer 380, LOA 42¿ This may sound like a stupid question but, I can assure you, it was no laughing matter last Sunday. I was departing the Marina during low tide. Something I¿ve done many times before. Lining up the boat in the center of the Green & Red Buoys, I had about 1000 feet to go before I reach the open water. Suddenly, I noticed a lot of mud being kicked up and the engines started to over-heat. I was ¿stuck in the mud¿. I shut down the engines, dropped anchor and waited until the tide started to come in. During this time I noticed several other boats passing, right next to me, as if the low tide and mud were not even a consideration. After sufficient time had passed, engines cooled and water enough to get me out of the mud; I started the engines and went on my way. About one hour had passed when I realized that the Port engine was over-heating. I opened the hatch and noticed the boat was taking on a considerable amount of water. It appeared that the shaft had been compromised. I shut it down the engine and returned to the Marina on one engine. I was lucky enough that someone contacted the owner of the Marina and he responded to assist with my issues. The boat had to be hauled out and I¿m awaiting repair notification. So, here is my (stupid) question; my boat has a 3¿4¿ Draft. Does this mean that I shouldn¿t operate my boat in less than 3¿4¿ of water? Thanks for answering all of my questions, past and present. Fred
I own a 22 foot grady white cuddy cabin seafarer , beam is 8 foot and the boat holds 135 gallons of gas; it is fitted with a 225 Yahama 4 stroke and I use almost exclusively for offshore fishing 5 miles to 40 miles out in the gulf of mexico; I want to purchase a kicker motor to store in the cabin and be able to mount on the transom in event of failure of the main engine; I am looking at a 5 hp Honda 4 stroke since it only weighs 60 lbs; is that enough motor to come in in relatively calm seas or say 2-4 foot seas in my boat. Any experience or advice would be appreciated.
I cruise aboard an older C&C 27 which is currently on the hard in Florida awaiting re-power after a successful trip down the ICW last fall. My plan is to splash it in early winter and continue towards the Bahamas or the Keys. My question is this: Am I better off to Document my vessel or stick with the current state registration? I don't doubt that there are pros & cons each way, I just wonder what those pros & cons are.
Hi Tom & Mel, Bugs, bugs everywhere. After a nice long cruise up the Potomac River and back to the marina, I cover the boat and home I go. I come back a day or two later and there are dead bugs everywhere. I¿m forever vacuuming them up and wiping them away. Is there any relief in sight? How do I keep the bugs out? Thanks, Fred
Can you provide a general outline of cruising routes(delivering)a 60' Sundancer from Knoxville to Chicago and approx. time in passage. Any additional comments would be appreciated, ie. sights & preferred stops/ marinas.
JOhn can I substitue a Raymarine RL9 display with other models and if so which ones? Thanks
Leaving my Beneteau 36s7 in the water at a marina in Key West this summer. What maintenance needs to be done while I'm away? A friend suggested time release cl tabs in the raw water strainers for my engine, generator, and AC/heat to prevent algae growth. I've never left my boat in the water before, usually put it on the hard so I' really anxious.
Hello Tom and Mel -my wife and I saved your article "Taking Care of Business Aboard" as we will start the Great Loop in May on our Camano 31 and will run my business from the boat. We just bought new I-phone 5's and an Ipad but need to stay internet connected and we wondering if you were going to do an update to your article with the latest technology. Verizon talks about "pucks" being out of date now with Jet Packs available so we're confused on what we need for the best Verizon connection?? Thanks
I am 6' 6" and I am looking for a trawler yacht with sufficient head room. Is there someplace I can go where I can search for those trawlers that have the headroom I need?
Tom, On a slightly different topic--living aboard, or dying, in a marina from falls overboard where the freeboard of floating docks prohibit some means of self extraction or self recovery. Recently I fell overboard off the dock. The outside air temperature was 40 and water temperature 45. There was no one in the marina to assist. There were ladders hung on post for this purpose but these require someone on the dock. Since I am writing this, I did figure a way out, but since, I learned that the harbormaster knew of five cases. All were rescued by people on the dock. But it apparently happens. A few concerned marina members have formed an ad hoc commettee to resolve the problem I encountered, where an individual, unassisted, recover themselves. The marina (public) does not want to spend the money on avaliable collapable ladders. Commettee members believe they--or some form--are essential. Do you have some commonsense words for our committee to mull over? I'm not a novis in the cruising world. My wife and I have over 160,000 miles of cruising and nearly two circumnavigations. Somehow we found a way to stay aboard during the last 50 or so years at sea. Falling off the dock was easier. We look forward to your wise comments. Sincerely, Tom Beard (360) 452-9940
In the January issue of Soundings you wrote an article about big vs small boats that had a picture of a red tug with a little tug following it with the caption that said: "Having a big boat and a little sibliing multiplies your options" I can't find any information about that little tug anywhere. What kind of boat is it?
i have my boat in storage and will remain for the next 2years the outboard was winterized 3years ago how long can it stay with out further service? what service? thanks Ian
Hello Tom & Mel, I have very simple questions: If my GPS indicates 20.2 mph and my Knotsmeter indicates 11.8 Knots then, how long will it take for me to go one mile? What speed should I use to figure out how fast I am going and the time it takes to get to my next destination? I have read all about "Speed Over The Ground/Water" and "Speed Through The Water" but, it doesn't really make much sense to me. So, my questions above are very simple however, no one can give me the answers and if they try, they don't make any sense and are very long and dragged out. I hope you can help. Thanks, Fred
I keep my 25¿ O¿Day sailboat (2 1/2' draft) at a relative¿s house on a creek in the Chesapeake bay. Due to his son¿s purchase of a larger boat, he asked me to move my boat from the end of his pier where the water depth is 5¿ to the side of the pier, perpendicular to the pier and stern to the pier, in approximately 3¿ of water just 20' from the bulkhead. We were limited to pilings, so we drove 2- 8¿ galvanized pipes down about 4¿ at the the bow and are covering them with PVC pipe. The bottom is mud over sand. He assured me that the pipes would hold as he has 2 other open motor boats (20¿) held the same way. The creek is relatively well protected and in the summer, the wind is out of the South 90% of the time. However, with a good North wind, we have some days where the waves can build up. I am concerned that the pipes will not hold sufficiently and my stern will hit the pier. I am considering sinking in a mushroom anchor with a chain rode about 15¿ off the bow between our pier and a neighbor's pier. I have never used a mushroom anchor and was wondering what size to buy and chain rhode. Thanks-
This is a follow up on the question that I asked about two stuffing boxes on my 43 foot wood ,one of a kind,boat. They are both definitly stuffing boxes, It doesn't make any sense to me either. The stuffing box located at the propeler end is the real issue. The weight of the 40 inch propeler wears the stuffing at the bottom and the shaft is then not centered. I have repacked both stuffing boxes and the only problem is with the one at the propeler it just dosen't hold up.Any ideas would be appreciated Tom H
In the June/July 2012 issue an artical by Bob Adriance on Diesel fuel (page 85) says that a study of 19 additives found 5 had no significant effect and 4 lowered the lubricity. What were the names of the additives that did some good and which seem best.
Hi Tom. Enjoyed your article in this months Boat US Mag.on taking care of business on board. Very enlightening. I did not see anything about the type of printer that you use. My main concern is the environment for an ink jet printer. I think that a laser printer would work better. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We are planning an extended trip in the fall and I need to be able to continue my business on the boat. Thanks. Gary Trigiani Makana Catalina 42 #1022
I noted that you used Komatex in the cabin. Would this be a good choice for placing on the inner hull to insulate it in the cabnets under the setee.I could paint it to make it look brighter in those cabnets but that would not help for insullation and condensation.What other product would you suggest. Thanks Jon A Reiswig Sr.SV Shannon-Taj (Fuji 35)
I am in the process of building a slip for a 42ft Kadey-Krogen trawler. I was wondering how to attach the cleasts to the dock so that they have the strength to hold the boat in a storm. In addition are there industry standards or guidlines for the proper construction of docks for recreational boats? Thanks, Dennis
I own a 25 Searay. V8 350 CI Engine has about 40 hours. My boat has been sitting next to my home with a hundred gallons of gas for three years. What additive do I need to add to the fuel to bring it up to par. Thanks, Mike Berry, Huntington Beach, CA
Hello: I will be vacationing in Cannes la Bocca France this summer and want to rent a center console for a day. I need some kind of license to do this. Is there a US equivalent I can obtain that will allow me to rent? It will be almost impossible to take and pass the French course. I have boated for over 50 years in the great lakes and currently own and operate a Hatteras Motoryacht and Sea Ray Pachanga. I was wondering if I got an OUPV if that would "pass muster" withy the French? Thanks. Don
Hi Tom & Mel! I have a rookie question for you. I have a small cruiser on a lift at a marina. Should I be leaving the shore power hooked up at all times? There are two batteries, a Perko switch (turned to the 'Off' position while at the marina, and a charger. Thanks! Randy
I have a 21 ft. fiberglas boat without bottom paint.I keep the boat in saltwater for 30 doys. Is there any product that can be applied to make the cleanup easier?
Tom & Mel, I will be coming from Savannah, Ga. to New Smyrna, Fl down the ICW. I can cruise at 7.5 knots and have a draft of 4ft. How many days do you think it will take and what are some good anchorages and stops (Restaurants and Marinas etc)to make along the way? What charts and books do you recommend to have on hand? Any navigation problem areas to look out for. Any advice would be appreciated. This is a first time in this area. Thanks, Dennis
I need to replace the refridgerator on my 40 ft Sportfisherman located in the Florida Keys (hot). The old unit was a 7 cu ft AC/DC "Norcold" which never worked very satisfactorly. Unit was/is "built in" which hampers me some what in what brand I can fit in the existing space. I have checked the on line blogs and find a large amount of very unfavorable comments on Norcold AC/DC refridgerators.Also some good comments, but they were not in the majority Can you offer any advice on which company(s) makes the best/reliable units? The Norcold would fit right into the existing cabinet, however I do not wish to buy a poor quality refrigerator. I want it to get cold, stay cold and last many years. I am not interested in purchasing a "disposible" refridgerator and am will willing to pay the price for a good one. Upon reading blogs about Norcold, it would seem that the new models are of better quality than the old ones. What is your opinion Please list manufactures/brand from higest to lowest quality. Price is an issue, BUT not THE issue. As we use the boat for both fishing and crusing, a good refridgerator is a must. Thank you Captain Eddie Wightman "Loner" Islamorada, Florida Keys
Some time ago, I remember reading that very strict overboard discharge regulations were in effect in the Great Lakes. In fact, I seem to remember that all discharges including gray water are prohibited. Is this true?
This is not a question but rather a comment. I was reading the April/May 2011 Boat U.S. Mag and read the answer you wrote to the question under "When you Woonder Where The Yellow Went" on page 64. I laughed out loud! We spent a summer trying to remove years of diesel dirt build up on a 50 amp powercord of a recently purchased boat. We tried it all! Several times I went to the store and saw the Starbrite product you mentioned. Each time I shook my head thinking "It'll never work. The name is just too obvious!" and I would walk away from it. After weeks of trying with no success all of the things you mentioned and several others not mentioned, I went back to the store and purchased the Starbrite product with NO expectation of success. IT worked like a charm! I was absolutely shocked at the ease with which the majority of the dirt/grime/black diesel residue came off of that cord. Now, twice a year, I clean that cord. It is still yellow and still soft. The cord is 22 years old! So, a testimony for the Starbrite product, for sure. I thought you might enjoy my story. Best regards, Bobbe Miller Wife of Capdave
in order to switch tanks,hatch must be lifted,i need a 3-way,12-volt valve,operated from helm, where can i find one? gas, how to wire? thank you.
Hi Tom And Mel: I have enjoyed your articals and artwork for many years now and learned a lot from them. I just read your artical about bird poop and thought of a solution for you. Most of the locations the birds set are well defined, the rigging, the bow pulpit, etc. My solution is to run some tubing say 3/8id up the mast and add squiters aimed at the various horizontal parts the birds land on. Then connect the other end of the tubing to a washdown pump that is on a timer. This is sort of like the squrt bottle some people use to train their dogs. Note: hose must be rated for the washdown pumps pressure. Have fun, Mike
We have a 40ft. Motor Yacht, just replaced the House Batteries 2ea. 4D's and Start Batteries 2ea. 95amp. and 1ea. 95amp for the GenSet (6.5kw) about 3 months ago. When I checked the Water Level (3 weeks ago), All batteries were approx. 1" below the cells. This has never happened. It took 2 and 1/2 gals. of water to fill all batteries. The battery charger is a NewMar 35amp 3 Bank Charger. I think the charger is not shutting off when the batteries are charged. We are presently turning off the charger at night and on during the day; we live aboard. We also have a 2000 Watt Invertor/50amp Charger, that has 2ea. 8D Batteries; we do not seem to have a problem with this system. We think the charger should be replaced. After calling Newmar, they say we should buy a larger charger, at least 40amp. Can we get by with a smaller charger, like a 20amp or 30amp? Is it true that the only difference is it will take longer to charge the batteries? After we replace the charger, the battery company said if we bring the batteries to them, they will check them, and if they need to be replaced, they will help us with the cost; as we just bought them 3 months ago. We are trying to keep costs down. Most 40amp, 3 Bank Chargers cost approx. $500. and up. We have seen 20amp, and 30amp 3 Bank Chargers for approx. $250. The Battery Charger Output (3) Banks are wired to the Center Battery Selector Switch; there 3 Battery Selector Switches. And, the Com (Ground) is wired to the Starboard House Battery. We purchased the boat with the battery charger and wiring as it is now. But, are not sure it is wired properly? We can send a copy of the Battery Selector Switch Wiring; it came with the boat. It shows the Selector Switch wiring to the Batteries, but does not show the Battery Charger Wiring to the Selector Switches. We are still trying to Trace the Bank #3 from the Charger; we thought it should go to the GenSet Start Battery. What is your Best Advise for this problem, we want to be sure and get this system correct and is there a Battery Charger you think is best? Thank you. Louis F. Schlotter Creative Design Specialties (Wife's business) 3333 Midway Drive, Suite 103 San Diego, CA 92110
Tom & Mel, Do you recommend seacocks to be in the or closed position for equipment (generator, air conditioner) that are not being used.
I am looking at a boat advertised as a 1986. The USCG documentation says the year of Mfg. for this boat is 1985. Given the implication of the boat year what is the definitive boat date? thank you, Bill L.
New 12v system? I want to cut through all the hype and advertisments. I need to know what to install for Regulators, seperators, etc for a re-done charging system for my 45ft liveaboard sailboat. I have a good 110-12v multi charger. I have a 125hp diesel with a large alternator. Also have a 7500kw generatgor that can charge bateries through the multi 110v charger for emergency back up. What should the 12 volt system look like? I want two battery banks and reaaly want to seperate starting and house. Help! Jeff
We are buying a 1998 34 Mainship motoryacht. I would like to truck it home. (Kent island Md.to Watkins Glen NY) I need height dimensions from keel so I can determine what to remome. It is a 6 hour drive to where the boat is. I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me. These dimensions would be a big help.
I've been surfing the net for a couple of weeks now looking for a good reference for marinas with open slips either to rent for a season or sell. I'm looking mainly at the east coast. There doesn't seem to be one good source. Do you know of such a website?
Can you tell me what the "truth" is regarding locking Y valves to prevent overboard discharge? I have heard everything from Tie Wraps to keyed locks is acceptable. Thanks Buck Dawkins SV Victoria Gaye
I am installing a propane tank on a 32 year old Rafiki 37. There is propane locker on board. I plan to locate the bottle directly below the backstay, on the boomkin, which is directly over the water. I would cover it with a canvas sack. Do you know of any safety issue mounting the tank there? Does a bottle HAVE TO be inside some sort of a box or locker? Can I mount the regulator and pressure gauge on the boomkin as well or should I run a pig tail through the cockpit to below decks and mount these items there? Obviously, I don't want to put in the $$$ only to have a surveyor say, "You can't do it that way".
Hi, I take alot of kids tubing and skiing. Although I do have liability insurance and am friends with all the parents,we do live in a very litigious society and boating is dangerous. I am wondering if you have a good source for a generic hold harmless agreement I can have parents sign to give me a little aditional peace of mind while I am entertaining their kids. I really don't want to hire an attorney or buy the docs if I can help it. Thank You, Dave
Hi Tom and Mel, I am considering the purchase of a Grand Banks Eastbay 39. It comes with Catapillar C-7 455hp engines. Are these common rail engines which I hear so many positive comments about. I can't seem to get a straight answer. Thanks in advance.
We are new to boating and are wondering what resource is the best available to find public dock listings in ports. We have been boating in the Fishers Island Sound and have had trouble finding public places to dock for short periods of time to take our dog for a walk or find restroom facilities. Maybe being new I'm not sure of the proper etiquitte, I'd rather not pay every time I want to walk the dog or dock for 5 minutes to take care of other pressing business. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
I have an older ST-6000 autohelm that seems to work OK but it appears that the PO wired is such that there are two 10AWG wires from the circuit breaker to the autohelm computer (same connection). The wire length is about 12 feet and the current draw is about 20 amps (requires a 23 amp fuse). My question relates to using two 10AWG wires Vs. one 8 or 6 AWG wire. Is there a reason on a boat that one should not double up wires? I am struggling with the "if it works don't mess with it" Vs. this just doesn't seem right and therefore should be changed. What is your perspective. Thanks Andy
After 40 years of freshwater boating, covered docks, etc., my wife and I moved our 44 ft. Silverton to Gulf Shores, AL to live aboard. Are there any books on boating in salt water i.e. caring for the boat and its mechanical, electrical, exterior, hull, etc. I need all the help I can get. Thanks, Ed Koch kochedware@msn.com
After trying to sell my 25ft Wellcraft for a few years with no success I have decided to take on a partner to recoup a few bucks and still be able to enjoy the boat for hopefully half the cost. My question is about Liability, Is there a way to shield each other from liability due to the others actions and what is the bast way to share a boat as far as the title and insurance. I was thinking about forming an LLC and putting the boat in that. Any help would be appreciated.
I have been looking at different moisture removeal solutions. On a 32 foot sailboat what would you sugest, Electric or chemical?
AYE, I own a 32ft powerboat with twin V8 225hp motors,(gas) Ive been told when under cruise conditions and fair weather It's ok to shut down one engine and motor on one for a few hours, then switch and motor on the other for about the same amount of time. I'm told this cuts your operating costs by half, with no adverse affect to either motor, to the best of your knowlage is this true??? Thank You for your advise and may you have fair winds and dry decks Captmal
What would consider to be the best artificial bait for redfish? I have heard of many but I have never caught a fish on artificial bait. I am trying to expand my collection of artificals in hope of increasing my chances of catching the elusive one. Michael Wilkes
If I know an MMSI number and I want to find out to whom it is registered, how do I do that?
Are there any anchoring restrictions, other than in the traffic lanes, in Baltimore Harbor around the Canton area? rc52go@comcast.net
I live on the Hudson river about 90 miles north of NYC. We use Ethanol here. I did NOT use my boat (1988 Donzi Ragazza with a 260 Chev engine with an 80 gallon tank) this summer at all and it is still winterized from the fall of 2008. I put in more of the marine stabile last week, but I saw Bob's article (Nov/Dec 2009). What would you recommend to do about this gas? thanks.......... Bruce
I have had my Duffy37 winterized and stored at the same marina in NY for the past 5 years. This spring it wouldnt start up. The marina then stripped the engine and told me it had water in it and proceeded to rebuild my 2004 480HP volvo diesel. New cylinders,pistons,rings etc. I got the boat back this September with a bill of $14,000.00 Nobody can tell me where the water came from. The boat worked fine when i left it the previous fall, the head gasket wasnt broken and no part is being blamed for the problem. What is the marinas liability in this situation? Do I pay the 14,000K ?
we would like to have our 1993 carver motoryacht hauled to florida ..any suggestions? Is this particularly hard on the boat ? thank you for your time.
I purchaced an 18 ft Aluminum V-Hull Center console boat with a 1985 Suzuki 85hp 2 stroke outboard whith no prop what pitch do you recamend i buy for best overall performance.
I have a 1983 Chris Craft Catalina 350 Motor Yacht. No trim tabs. This boat is very hard to plane. Is there a area in the boat where the heavy items should be stored. I have heavy items in front like tools, extra anchor, fluids. dont if I am hurting the planing process, with weight up front.Thank You Ed Horning
Hi I have a Silverton 38 convertible and am having trouble with my waste holding tank gauge. The tank is hard to get to but I can get at it and have but it will be hard to remove if I need to. The gauge is no longer reading at all. I just got back from thoroughly cleaning out the tank both chemically and flushing multiple times to no avail? It is my first season with the boat and I am not yet familiar with how many flushes before I have to pump out and do not want to risk overflow so the gauge would be helpful. It did work early on this season? Any suggestions . I have checked the wiring from the tank to the gauge which is located by my electrical panel. Is this common and are gauges easily replaced? Thanks
We just changed the line going from our head to the holding tank. It was totally built up. Is there anything we can put down the toliet to keep this from happening again? Thanks for your help, Nancy
Is the seller of a boat legally obligated to inform the buyer of any known defects which are not visable at time of the sale.
we are looking to move up to a 34' motor boat. Currently have a Rinker 270. The RInker 2005 342 is powered by twin I/O vs the 2005 Sea Ray 34 powered by V-Drive. forget the price dif for now, which is a better power plant, that will give more trouble free yrs assuming equal top maint and stored on a lift slip.
I have a 1998 carver mariner 36 ft. There is a strong oder coming from under the floor inspection doors inside the cabin.I cannot see any standing water everything seems dry.I've heared of water from the shower staying in the tank and not being all pumped out could cause a smell. Can I add something down the drain? Thanks Terry
I have a 14 2007 14 ft starcraft pontoon boat with a mercury 25hp 4 stroke,Any time i try to power the trim up when i am at full throttle i blow the main fuse. what can i look for to trouble shoot. THANKS MARK.
Hello Tom and Mel, Our 9 gallon holding tank is not full after two weeks use. Should we pump out when it is partially full or wait until it is full. We're using the chemicals recommended by Raritan. Thanks for your advice, Jim and Kitty
I recently purchased a West Marine VHF650 radio (made by Uniden) to replace my old radio aboard my 25' Proline. After properly connecting it I turned it on, entered my mmsi number, checked the connection to my gps (good), checked a weather frequency (receiving) and attempted a radio check on Channel 9. As soon as I key the mic the radio powers off, reboots, reloads the start-up logo and returns to the selected channel..every attempt at keying the mic results in this same scenario. My voltage is good and all connections were rechecked and proper. I spoke with a Uniden tech support guy who told me the radio was defective, return it. I exchanged it for another VHF650, hooked it up, went through the same steps as above and was met with the same result, upon keying the mic the radio powers down, reboots, loads the welcome screen and returns to the selected channel, it will not transmit. I can't believe I could be so unlucky as to get two defective radios. Can there be something else causing this problem such as the antenna ? I do not have a second antenna to hook it to and am reluctant to change the one I have unless I'm pretty sure that's the issue. Have you heard of any similiar problems or recalls with this model ? Without a functioning radio for safety my boating is severely limited and ocean fishing is out of the question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
what is the deadline for loran discontinuation?
With reference to your fine article in the July, 2009 BoatUS Magazine, "Fuel "Additives Can Increase Performance: Smart Maintenance", By Tom Neale, I'd like your opinion -- or better, a well-controlled performance test with marine outboard and inboard motors under qualified supervision -- of the "Vitra Fuel Treatment" additive described at URL: "http://www.save-gas-today.com/" and offered for sale on eBay by the seller "davidsdiamondsfl" ("David's Wholesale Diamonds" of Placida, Forida 33946-3052), e.g., as eBay Item number: 370061853156, at URL: "http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Improve-MPG-up-to-30-with-this-Fuel-Treatment-READ-NOW_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZQ7c301Q3a1Q7c293Q3a1Q7c294Q3a30QQ_trksidZp4634Q2ec0Q2em14Q2el1262QQhashZitem562967c1e4QQitemZ370061853156QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories". The seller's claims for this additive -- i.e., boosting "fuel economy" (MPG performance) by 20-30% -- do seem "too good to be true"; but if true, would certainly be a boon to the boating community, and also to the global environment via reduced hydrocarbon fuel consumption (if not counter-indicated by some toxic by-products, or harmful effects on motors, etc.). The seller appears to be claiming that the fuel performance improvement is cause by a "surfactancy" effect of the additive (i.e., its reduction of the "surface tension" of the fuel") which acts at the level of fuel injectors to cause an improved dispersal of the fuel into mirodroplets ("atomization"), which thereby combust more completely. This does sound plausible -- but if true, why hasn't the surfactancy phenomenon been beneficially exploited by the petroleum industry, long ago? Has it been known, but suppressed for commercial reasons (uh oh, another conspiracy theory...)? Or is it "snake oil"? It's unclear to me if any such performance improvement could be realized in engines using carburetors instead of injectors; and I don't know how common injectors are in marine gasoline engines -- but they certainly do exist, in all diesel engines. I have purchased some of this additive to try in my 2002 Toyota Highlander SUV, which now averages ~20 MPG with it's V-6 gasoline engine. I would certainly like to get an independent "second opinion" from BoatUS experts, as to whether it has any benefit to offer to the boating community -- or whether it's better to "steer clear"! Thanks for your attention to this remarkable "additive" claim -- E. Barry Skolnick, Upper Marlboro MD.
I am thinking of taking my boat (2004 268 Four Winns Cruiser) up to Oregon and cruising on the Columbia River. I have not bottom painted my boat since it is on a hydro-hoist at Lake Mead Marina in Boulder City, NV. My question is should I bottom paint it prior to the trip? I will not be in salt water. J. Mike Pierce Henderson, NV.
My 23 foot power boat has an icebox that holds about 20 lb of blocks and cubes, good for a max of 5 days. If I try to supplement ice with a couple pounds of dry ice in this ice box, or a separate cooler on board, is there any danger of CO2 buildup? It's a drafty old boat but I use a CPAP breathing device, located on the sole, to sleep 8 hr a night.
We suffered minor boat damage last night from a sailboat which was anchored too close to us. They were gone when we rose, and when we passed them on the waterway, they did not answer our radio hail. We have the boat name, port of call, and state registration numbers (New Hampshire). Is there any recourse for us? If there is, how should we pursue it?
I have a Sports Port floating dock used for jet boats. It is a poly (plastic) product. I have an older version which does not have any way to purge water that gets in due to damage, leakage, etc. I would like to install a small "weep hole" in each of the four separate components but would like your suggestion as to what to install. I would like something like small boats have for draining that screws out to purge and back when going into the water but need something fairly small and flush yet strong. I am thinking about something that would be two parts: the base with a few small screws to hold in place while the cement sets up and the screw in plug. The material of the float is similar in depth to a jet ski hull. Any ideas? Thanks. Merrill
What is the recommended ratio of tow vehicle weight to the weight of boat and trailer.
Please help! Anyone! I am currently at anchor in my 41¿ sailboat just north of the new Broadway Bridge in Daytona, Florida (International Speedway bridge). This is supposed to be a 65¿ high bridge (clearance over the water). My mast height is 64¿3¿. The ¿Waterboard¿ at the water level beneath the bridge said 63¿6¿ today from 5:30PM till 7PM (then it got dark and I anchored). Is the waterboard correct? Is it giving height at mid span of the bridge or right above where the board is (the bridge abutment there is lower)? Can you advise me please? I'm really hoping to go under that bridge in the morning! Thanks, Bill
How do we find out if the name we want on our boat is already used in our area?
how do I find marinas on the gulf coast of florida that have available slips for a 44' MY nfor liveaboard? Thank you Chris Roney croney@freeway.net
Good morning my name is Bob Hoffman I live in New Jersey. I own a 23 foot Polar walk around, and I have a question about Ethanol 10 gasoline My boat is two years old with a plastic gas tank I keep reading articles about what can happen with Ethanol gas if left in your fuel tank for extended periods of time called phase seperation where the gas will become usless Last season August I topped off my gas tank which holds 150 gallons when I stored it for the winter is was between half and three quarters full I added a product called E-Zorb which was supposed to stop phase seperation I also added Sta-bil to the gasoline and covered it Now I read an article stating that I should have filled it up to 95 percent full Later in the article it said Ethanol 10 has a shelf life of 6 weeks so why should I fill up my take back in November only to have it sucked out in the spring The article went on to say only buy enough gas that you will use up in 6 weeks what is that all about Is there a product on the market which can test my current gas for phase seperation before I startup my outboard for the first time this spring And if it is bad ??? how do I get rid of my bad gas who will take it Signed totally confused Please E-mail me back or give me a call @ 609-352-0975 Thanks for your help, I think there are alot of people out there just as confused as me
Owner of 2004 Sea Ray Sundancer 260. I have factory installed Lofrans Marlin Windlass in my boat. I have a problem that the windlass, made for chain and rope, does not get the complete rope/chain/anchor up, but always when the thick part of the rope, where the chain is connected, the windlass roller teeth cannot get grip of it because of the thickness and windlass rolls without taking more rope up. I always have to go and manually help over that part in the anchor lift process. Any ideas/parts change recommendations how I could get this problem fixed? Thanks/Mikko
I have CNG stove do you have a listing of where I can have my tank refilled. I am in Charleston SC and I can not find anyone that has CNG gas. I would like to travel to Key West in a month or two and be able to refill the tanks on the way. Thank you and have a nice day George rodemanng@bellsouth.net
Regarding the new TSA Identification card known as TWIC, I want to be sure that I need to get one. I hold a current Master's License, 50 Ton, which was issued in 2006. I use it only for pleasure, but may use it commercially from time to time. I do not work in the maritime industries. Do I need to get the TWIC ID? Also, the fee for the card is not clear from the website. HOw much cost?
We have a Krogen 39'at Cap Sante in Anacortes, WA. We have moved to Texas and are interested in moving her to the gulf coast of Texas. Could you give some suggestions and recommend a carrier? Thanks Art and Kathy Bogie
Received an offer to sell my boat. Price is good. Offer is a small down payment, then a larger payment in 6 months, then final payment in 6 more months. The boat is documented but If it is taken out of the US I can't afford to go chasing it. What type of contract can I write to protect myself. My new boat will be purchased in the normal way.
Last weekend I took a nice photo of a sailboat on the Potomac River with the US capital in the background. I would like to give the owner a print of the image. All I have is the sail number. Is there some way I can contact the owner? The sail number is USA 51186. Thanks, Gene Larson Alexandria, VA
I am new to boatus and will be taking delivery of a new Rhodes 22 in the spring of 2009. My question is do you have a checklist of items that I could consult to properly equip my boat? This is probably a question that has been asked an answered so you might just need to head me in the right direction for this resource. Thanks
Tom & Mel, Thank you for the reply. It's very helpful. I've had my eye on a single screw - diesel powered - custom Chesapeake deadrise. Since we live so close to the bay and have learned through our work to run different machinery I think we will enjoy the challenge of mastering a single screw boat. We're gonna take a trip today to take a peek at her in the marina. Thanks again, Jackie
I am winter storing in a heated building. Should I drain the water tank or leave full?
Can you please show/tell me specifically where and how to attach mooring whips to my boat?
Hi, Tom and Mel: I am new to boating and bought a bayliner 2855 earlier this year. Since i am new, i always drive as slow as possible. Now after a few months, i can drive a little faster. When i try to drive faster, the boat can never reach 20mph or above even the engine rpm is above 4500. I am wondering if there is any other control other than the control i use, as when i bought the boat, the inspector can drive upto more than 30mph. Thanks!
My friend has a 39 ft Jeanneau sail boat and docks it in shallow water. Every day when the tied goes out it sits in the mud. The water line is at least two feet above the water when the tide goes out. Does this twice daily process damage the boat?
How can I figure out the approximate gas mileage of my boat? Is there a website that has how to figure it out?
I have a center console 18' Parker with 115 Yamaha outboard engine. I am having problems with the steering wheel stinking when I am trying to make turns. I have greased/lubed all the fittings I found on the engine then I tried to see if there was something under the steering wheel that needed grease/lube but I was unable to get the steering wheel off the shaft after removing the top plate and the nut/washer. There seemed to be another circular nut with a notch that had to be removed but I could not get that off. Do I need a special tool to remove this circular nut and the steering wheel? And if I do remove it, is there something I can do to keep the wheel from sticking when I am tring to maneuver the boat? Thanks.
One month ago I purchased a Bayliner 2855 ciera with questionable bottom paint. I have noticed a signifigant decrease in performance in only 1 month, eventhough the bottom was power washed when it was hauled out for inspection. Is it possible to have enough bottom fouling in that short of time that it would affect performance that much ?
Why are boat steering wheels on the right hand side instead of the left?
Hi...I have a 1989 Carver Aft Cabin and I am trying to launch it for the season. I can only see 3 sea cocks ..one for each engine and one for the generator. Are there any sea cocks for the heads? We have one in the aft and one in the front and I cannot find either one...does the boat use water from the holding tank or sea water? I've looked all over the place, can't find either....your help is appreciated...
Hi I am new to boating and at this point a little confussed about the buying process. I have been looking for an upgrade to my old boat and this is where my problem begins. I found a newer boat at a local marina last week end that I was really drawn to. Now the problem---The dealer told me that I could not go for, as they called it, a Sea trail unless I posted a deposit and signed a contract to purchase the boat. Is this standard? I tried to explain to them that I couldn't sign the agreement without having been on the water but they wouldn't budge. Needles s to say my wife and I left and we do not plan on going back. I'm sorry to make this so long but I need to know if this is a standard practice for all Marina's or was this one just trying to rope me into a deal. Thanks Sam
Are you familiar with a product called "sta dri" or something similar. It's a plastic underlayment on which to place bedding. Looking for midew protection. (new upolestry and cushions). Looking to give to give air flow underdeath and stop the moisture which is always around a boat from contributing to mildew.
Are you familiar with a product called "sta dri" or something similar. It's a plastic underlayment on which to place bedding. Looking for midew protection. (new upolestry and cushions). Looking to give to give air flow underdeath and stop the moisture which is always around a boat from contributing to mildew.
My boss wants to know if he can pump saltwater into an aluminum holding tank for the head on his boat?
Hey! I have a new 1780 Carolina Skiff with a 70hp Suzuki four-stroke. Love the boat. I installed the transducer for a Humminbird fishfinder/depthsounder on the starboard side of the transom, then at the suggestion of Carolina Skiff I epoxied it in the "bilge" where the pump is located. The problem persists: Turbulence from the flat bottom makes the unit nonfunctional -- unless the boat's moving at 2-3 mph. It's now back at the original location, installed at precisely the distance below the hull Humminbird specifies. No improvement in performance. Got a solution?
I have a 32 ft I keep on the ST. Laurance,I have a hell of a time keeping spiders off the boat. We tried , every thing any ideas.
Where can I find a list of the size of marinas? What are the largest marinas? My marina claims to be the largest private marina on the east coast. It may be at 285 slips, but would like to verify that fact. Thanks.
I have a Mainship 430 that I plan to take down the coast through LI Sound to NYC, up the Hudson R and through the Erie Canal and then down the St Lawrence - all no discharge areas. Apparently the sea discharge systems have to be disabled and disconnected. The setup on both my holding tanks is seperate discharge hoses for the shore pumpout and sea pumpout (through a pump, hose and seacock). The seacock handles do not have any sort of latch that could be 'sealed' closed. The hoses are almost unreachable, so it would require major surgery to remove them. Can I just cut the electrical lead to the pumps and disable the systems that way? What level of 'disabling' is required to avoid a fine?
hope you can help me. I know there are only 2 "rope" on a sail boat, one is on the bell, where is the other one?? I sure hope you can hepl me. thanks Andrice Nelson And-Sven MY andsven2@gmail.com
When ordering a new Jeanneau if you wanted a blue hull would you go with factory blue gel coat or paint the hull blue during outfitting? I have heard from the broker that the blue gel coat fades and is difficult to repair. From: "Seeking a blue hull"
I may need to bring a 53' Hatteras from Detroit, Mi to Cincinnati, Ohio by water. What is the shortest and best route? If we need to go through Chicago, could it be trucked across Michigan without removing the fly bridge? Or, is there a route through upper Ohio or Pittsburgh? Thanks for your help! rp
This may not be your area of expertise, but If you cannot answer, perhaps you can ship me in an alternative direction. I have a 1963 46 ft Chris Craft (wood). On the main beam in the engine room is routed into the beam "net 23". Does this mean net wt 23,000 pounds or new wt 23 tons?
I just purchased a 1978 Carver 3326 Voyager with twin Crusader 270s and I'm trying to decide how to get it from St. Louis to Ithaca, NY via truck or under its own power. Figuring out the cost of trucking it was easy. The hard part is calculating the cost via water. What should be the average fuel economy with this boat. It weighs 12600 lbs. dry. We don't generally cruise at cruising speed we like to take our time generally 8-12 mph but would like to know both rates at slow cruise and on plane.
Can you recommend a boatyard in Georgia near the Florida stateline where we could store our Liberty 28 Cutter on the hard during the summer, May through September? We plan on taking our boat down to south Florida during the winter months, but BoatUS insurance is out of site if we store the boat anywhere in Florida. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please feel free to pass our question on to anyone else should you be unable to give us an answer. Thanx.
Is there a way to go from St. Aug. (FL) to Palatka, without having to go up to Jacksonville 32 footer Height 16ft. draft 3.5
There are diurnal tides (2 tides in 24 hours) and I am trying to locate the area that this happens. do you have any ideas? Thanks Joe
When referring to "boat length," do I use CENTER LINE or GUNWHALE LENGTH ? Thanks
I live in Surrey British Columbia and am considering taking my 26 foot sailboat to the San Juan Islands of of Washington State. What are the ruels for both U.S. Customs and U.S. Coast Guard that I need to know? I have been able to find some information about the Nexus program but not a great deal else. I have heard that beside having the sewage discharge through hull locked I also need a recycling plan. IS there a convenient location to find this information? M. Powers
I need to find a list of marinas in South eastern Georgia that can handle a 46' sail catamaran. i will be taking delivery in Florida in March2008 and will need to store it in June 2008 in Georgia. Thanks
My boat is an 2003 regal 1800slr 3.0 mercrusier. This boat has run 44 mph at a little over 4800 rpm's. The last few times I have taken her out I can't seem to get her to go much over 39mph and still around 4800 rpm what may be the cause of this I rarely have less equipment and it always ran the same full gas tank or not. Any ideas as to what may be the cause of this.
winter storage with the 10% ethanol should I fill my gas tanks or leave them emty
I have a Garmin GPS. Can I erase the waypoints that i have entered? How would I do that? Thank you,
First off, love the articles. Please keep up the good work! My question involves the +/- of aquiring a USCG OUPV (six-pack) license. My wife & I have been boating the inland waterways around Pittsburgh (Ohio, Allegheny & Monongahela Rivers) for longer than we normally admit to. We also love spending time in the Carribean Islands. We would like to combine these two parts of our lives and charter a powerboat (with a few friends) for our next vacation (we will probably be reviewing your articles, Q&As, etc.. for advice if it looks like it might be a go). A gentleman at our marina claims that it will be much easier to charter a boat if someone in the group has the USCG license. Is this really necessary? Preferred? If so, I can probably study up and take the test but how do I document my "Sea Service"? Your advice would be appreciated.
Tom and Mel, I have a 1986 ST Tropez 32ft Wellcraft. I had a bottom job done on it a couple of years ago that only lasted about 5 months. The build up was so bad that I had trouble planing out. I contacted the Marina that did the job for me and they agreed that the paint they used was probably bad. They redid the bottom job last April at no charge. I use the boat very regularly so it does not sit for long periods of time. I have already noticed a significant build up on the bottom again. It is hard to get on plane again. Is this what I should expect from a bottom job that costs over $1300.00? Other boaters at my Marina have older bottom jobs that are 2-3 years old and they don't cruise as much as I do and their bottom has very little build up. What should I do?
How can I find restaurants with docks in Great Peconic Bay through Gardiner Bay in Long Island, NY?
If I get a MMSI number from BoatUS now, can I later get one from the FCC should I want to cruise outside the US? In other words, can the BoatUS number be used in the FCC application? I know one can't have two numbers.
How can we prevent mink from entering and fouling our boat? Our 1988 Starcraft is docked in Clayton, NY, on the St. Lawrence River. Mink are prevalent here but only our boat along our neighborhood docks is preferred by mink. We have hired a trapper who has trapped many mink, but our boat is still a favorite target. Please help.
What is the correct procedure if when you pull into your slip and you crush your slipmates boat with your pontoon? It looks like this happened to us and we wern't notified. He could have left us a note or tried to get our number from the marina so he could contact us. Is there such a thing as hit and run on the water. Did he think we wouldn't notice it? There are marks on the front of his pontoon. Do the same rules of the road apply to the water? I am going to the marina today to get his number so I can get his insurance info. Should I call the enviromental police? Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks Carlo & Sharon sks5756@hotmail.com sotman@msn.com
We recently purchased a 1984 C & C 29ft sailboat (in great condition). Problem, it has a non-pressurized alcohol stove. What is the best type of alcohol to use and what stores would sell it? We know that these type of stoves are slow to heat up but don't want to shell out big bucks to replace it.
Shift cable routing on a 1994 3.0 liter mercruiser engine?
Good Afternoon, My yacht is documented with the home port in Maryland. I'm docking it in Virginia this summer. Which state flag is appropriate for me to fly? Thanks Captain Fred
I want to put registration numbers on an Achilles inflatable. I've tried the pieces of plastic made for the task, Plasti-dip, and a Sharpie marker. I haven't been satisfied with any of these. I'd like to also put writing on the bottom. I was thinking of trying a paint. Do you know of a solution that has worked for others? Thanks for any help. Ken
Tom & Mel, I believe I might have read an article written by your daughter. It was about a sailboat that she grew up on and how it had been severley damaged during a storm. I am not sure if it was your daughter, but I did enjoy the article. I am writing you because I need help looking for a simple bow dodger or spray shield for my 20' center console. I own a VIP/Sea Stealth 2001. My wife and two little boys (under 4 years old) do not like getting as wet as dad does. I found a bimini for about $400, but it appears that no one makes an inexpensive/universal bow dodger that you can order on line. I have discussed this with a few canvas shops and they all jump to $2000 price and are over kill for my application. Any direction is appreciated. Thank you, All Wet in RI. Jerry
We are planning to travel with 5 boats from Jensen Beach area to St Augustine Florida on ICW and would like some help... info on approximate boating time to get there. We are aware that there will be manatee zones and gas stops?? to make. Just wondered on the time - speed --to travel.( Jensen Beach to New Smyrna , first day & St. Augustine to Melbourne ,heading home) Thanks for the info as we are not native Floridians but love the water. Judy
I am relocating from one coast (Sunny Florida) to the other (Sunny California. I need to ship my boat. It is a 22 foot (on a trailer) centerconsole w/ a T top. Can you recomend any reliable transportation services? What recomendations do you have for preparing the boat for this type of shipment?
I have a 28 ft irwin which i currently anchor in south florida i would like to know the best way to install and setup a mooring any help would be appreciated Thanks Ken
I sold my documented vessel several months back. I gave the buyer a bill of sale and they provided me with a receipt for delivery. I received the annual request to update my documentation from the USCG...do I need to provide the USCG notice of the sale. Nevin
What is the correct prop size for a 1988 26' Captiva center console with a low profile cuddy cabin powered by a 318 240 hp Chysler?
Tom & Mel -- Loved your book (best one on the subject I've seen)-- The only question I had regards storage of all your stuff! With all the spares, equipment, food, and personal stuff -- where did you put it all. Many of us new cruisers would like an example of a storage "plan" from experienced cruisers such as yourselves. I think this is something most books on the subject cover too briefly. Details and perhaps a diagram of storage would help many of us come up with a good plan of our own. Thanks for your assistance! Keith & Tammy Messner
Hi Tom and Mel, In my relatively short boating experience, I have seen many boats come loose from their anchors because the boaters did not let out enough line. This puts other boats and families at risk. Aside from requiring a boating class and simple math skills to operate a boat...how can we make people aware of how to safely anchor their boats? Thanks, Kim kimblakesley@hotmail.com
I have a 1994 Carver 390 Cockpit Motoryacht. I would like to invest in a davit or crane system to keep me dingy out of the water and out of my way as it is currently stored on its stern in my cockpit. I know there are many davit systems designed to mount on or under the swim platform from which I can chose. However, I would rather not limit the use of my swim platform or access to the transom door. Additionally, I placed the name of my boat on my transom and would rather not have it hidden behind my dingy. So where does that leave it? Well, I can either suck it up and install a davit on the swim platform, or I can mount a rotating crane on the aft deck's hardtop. Thus far, I have been most impressed with the Brower system and the Atkins & Hoyle rotating cranes. Can either of you shed any light as too which system is the best one for the buck? Do I have to have someone install these systems or can I do it myself? If I can do it myself, please address issues relating to difficulty of installation. As the system I purchase will be rarely operated, 2-4 times each month, are either system easier to maintain or operate or have greater longevity? Lastly, please feel free to give me any additional suggestions or recommendations for other systems. Thank you for your time. Lance McLeroy "The Nauti-Dawg" Charleston, S.C.
Tom & Mel Neale:, While I was away for two weeks, my boat was bombarded by bird poop so bad that I could hardly regognize her. After removing the "solid" stuff and scrubbing several times with all types of cleaning detergents, I found that the yellowish stains are not going away. Please advise.
Tom and Nell: Salvage questions. #1 - My son and I recently salvaged a small 12' aluminum dingy that was sunken in a local canal and partially blocking the traffic channel. The boat has a lot of wear and tear, tarnished hull and rotten wood components. Do salvage laws under the circumstances stated allow us to keep the boat? Question #2 - The Dingy had a hand painted number written on it, while worn off and nearly illegible, we can make out the number. What's the best way for us to research the hull number to try and contact the possible owners of this abandoned dingy? Thanks in advance for your help. Scott and Mitch Irvin
due to a host of time problems this year, i did'nt get to take my boat out. only got to stay overnites. boat was winterized last nov. and added gas stabilizer at that time. how long is that treatment good for? should i add it again? same strength? boat engines were never unwinterized.
I have a 1978 Chris Craft Catalina 280 Hard Top with a 350 cid 250 hp engine. I know there are hundreds of these boats out there and was wondering what is the proper propeller size and pitch for good overall performance? My engine is a repower and only has 200 hours on it. The prop is a 16X14 and at wide open, I get 22 mph but at only 3200 rpm. Shouldn't the engine turn up to 4000 at full throttle?
I have a 2001 Hunter 340. I've been noticing a very bad smell coming out of the sinks when we use the water (obviously bad water in the tank). Is there an easy way to pump out the water tank (75 gallons) as you do the holding tank. I actually tryed to do that and the water did not come out well. We started to collapse the tank because there was no air allowed to come into the tank while trying to pump it out. We can just turn on the faucets and let the water run out until the tank is empty, but this not a real efficient way to drain it and fill it a few times over until it is cleaned out. Is there a way to drain it, or is there a vent to open to allow air in so we can pump it out. What are your ideas on this terrible smelling water problem. Anything we should use to clean the water tank once we figure out a way to rinse it out a few times? Thanks, Don
I have sailed for about 20 yrs. Last year I bought a Cape Dory 25D at Stuart FL, sailed it outside up to Beaufort SC. Picked it up late OCT, {waited out Wilma}, then sailed it back down to Stuart FL, thru the Okeechobee water way to Fort Meyers, then across the gulf to Freeport TX. The only off shore radio I had was a small short wave radio {WWV} and am/fm. I am in the process of getting my Ham license for General, and would like to know what band, and the time schedule, the Carib net and east coast net are on, ie 40 or 80 meters. I have read that info many years back but can't access it now. I hope to cross again in Feb or March next spring, and would like the short wave and epirb safety factors. Thanks Ken
In one of your articles, you talked about communication between the person on the bridge and the person handling the lines. What did you use for a headset? I am trying to buy one so that when we are anchoring or going on a mooring we can communicate. I have gone several places and I can't seem to find one. Thank you for your help. I enjoy reading your articles and always find something interesting that I can use. Capt. Dave Carter North Kingstown, RI
Actually I have two questions. First, i plan to make the trip from Galveston, TX to New Bern, NC the 1st of October (after hurricane season). What type of communication do you recommend. We will cut across from Venice, LA to Florida so will be hundreds of miles offshore. I am looking at SSB I would love to be able to see weather on my laptop computer or by fax. Second question: hjow high can a mast be from the water line and get under the bridge on the intercoastal waterway across Florida, or who can I contact to find out. I understand there is a marina at the bridge that specializes in healing sailboats over so they will fit under the bridge.
What is the best way to keep spiders off my boat?? This year, slip holders have been complaining about excess numbers of spiders and unusually large ones.
Dear Tom and Mel, I have a West Marine Water Tender for my C&C 37. I cannot seem to find any letters/numbers that will adhere to the polyethylene hull. I have applied the standard stick-ons, tried paint, and currently use a magic marker to display the registration numbers. This lasts a few weeks before fading. I do not wish to drill holes in the watertight double hull to attach a metal plate for the numbers. Are there any graphics that will permanently adhere to the polyethylene hull? This may be a universal problem with these popular dinghys. Thanks, Chuck Barth
Over the course of the past two years we have heard of angry and irate homeowners claiming that the ICW waterways in front of their homes can not and should not be anchored in by boaters. I have heard of one instance where a boater was shot at by someone up 5 plus stories in a condominium. Please tell me if there is any truth to these or similar claims and if so what we as boaters can do to calm these troubled waters. Thank you.
I have a sailboat in Port Clinton, OH and cannot locate a supplier for my CNG refills. Do you have a list that you can share. Also, is it getting more difficult to find refill suppliers when cruising the east coast and Bahama area? Should we consider changing fuel type for our hot water and cooking needs? Thank you.
How can I eliminate/prevent odor in the fresh water holding tank?
I am interested in flying flags/pennants to dress up my boat. I purchased a complete set of 40 flags (alpha, numbers and 4 signals). Can I fly these without indicating any particular 'signal', and if so, is there any particular order to use? I just want all the color up top, and not try to send any signal. Thanks.
Hi Tom and Mel, My wife and I own a 1991 Silverton 40A that we spend a lot of time on. I'm also a pre-sales systems engineer for a high-tech company and I'm often asked by my sales teams if they can "charter" my boat for an event with a current or potential customer for team building, relationship building, etc. I'm concerned with tax issues. Can I "charter" my boat? Rent it out with me as the operator? What are the rules on this? Should I just take them out and accept "tips"? Thanks, -Todd & Rosanna Carter
Are prescription meds and safe health care available in the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean? Can we pay for these things with personal checks or debit/credit cards?
Hi Tom and Mel, I enjoyed reading your many articles on boating and cruising. I sure hope you can help me with this very annoying and common sailboat problem. On my Corbin 39 I have a companionway with three rectangular pieces of plexiglass that I remove and lay in a cockpick locker or on a cockpit seat.... Then when it rains, I have to reinstall the whole bunch of them and suffer the lack of ventilation.... Are there better solution to companionway ''doors'' for sailboats ? Thanks for you kind help Guy Viger
Have a 21ft bayliner trophy fishing boat-1998. Have spilled silicone adheasive on the deck and cannot remove it with anything i tried. Its been there for a while,please help.
Dear Tom, Could you tell me where I could find a listing of marinas that allow liveaboards on west coast of FL, between Tarpon Springs and Key West? Want to find names, locations, facilities and rates. Thanks a lot. Bob
My concerns are with the new 10% ethanol marine fuel. What is the best way to transition over to the new fuel? I do not have fiberglass tanks but have 4 tanks with a total capacity of 220 gallons. Is there an additive that may make the transition more "trouble free" ? I've heard stories about clogged filters, a gelatinous reaction between water and ethanol among other things. Should I minimize the gas to ethanol mixture by running tanks down low before adding the new fuel ? At this point I'm scared and don't want to be running an inlet and suddenly have engines go down.
I have a Catalina 22 with an outboard that has to be lifted in and out of the water. My wife is not able to perform this operation. Do you have a block system design for this? Thank you for your help.
Hi, I have a 9.9 Suzuki outboard which is attached to the wheel via cabels. Last week I put in neutral from either forward or reverse and heard a grinding noise. The noise doesn't happen when I put it in gear, only when I try to go in neutral. What could be the problem? thanks Sam
Hi. I own a 1975 Bertram with gas engines and a fiberglass gas tank. Am I going to have a problem with the ethanol that is now being added to the gasoline at my local marina? If so is the problem immediate or long term. Also, if i have to replace the fuel tank do I have any recourse or have any class action lawsuits been filed? I really feel like I am getting the shaft here. Thank you for any help in this matter. Charles Campbell.
Taking our new Century 2600 WA to the Abaco Bahamas with a boating group this summer. Concerned with stories of boat thefts, particularly among those with Yamaha 4-strokes. I'm investigating alarms, ignition kill switches, satellite tracking, etc. Each has disadvantages in that some won't stop thiefs from simply towing the boat away (their prefered method) and other are expensive overkill for a trailer boat. If it was practical I'd probably just use a large chain and huge padlocks to attach to the dock for the week in the Bahamas. Any suggestions?
I have a Crownline 270 CR and would like to add a marine security system. Any suggestions???? Jim Koch
My cruiser is in a covered dock with a locked gate. The water side, however, is open. The boat is covered only by a tonneau cover that only snaps on. My problem is that the boat has been boarded at least twice in the past 30 days and 4 fenders stolen. What can I do to stop these thieves?
I am planning a trip to the Bahamas and called customs to check on the current procedures for re-entry. My Yacht & home are located in Islamorada Florida (150 miles from Miami). They expect me to drive within 24 hours of my arrival to Miami to clear customs--but will not let me do this at the Marathon airport just 25 miles away. More importantly--why should I not be able to do this at the local police department? HELP--is there ANY recourse to this madness!
We purchased a power boat & have documented the vessel. The instructions given regarding putting the documentation numbers permanently on the hull down below, in such a way that removing the numbers would be evident. The photo example shows the numbers carved into the hull. We have nowhere to carve the numbers below - the teak veneer is very thin. Yet a wood plaque with carved numbers or a brass/metal plate with the numbers doesn't seem to meet Coast Guard requirements. What is your opinion on this & suggestion? Or who do you suggest that I call so that we can be in compliance with their regulations?
We will become live aboard cruisers soon. Where can I find a list of state boat registration fees and annual taxes?
Can you give me a web site address for Quimbey's cruising guides? I ordered a bok from them, about 2 months ago. My account has been billed the $42.00, but I haven't got the book yet. I guess I should have ordered it through Boat US
I have recently reactivated my TV satellite service with DIRECTV and they can give me local network channels, but once I leave the area they say I will be unable to get the networks (CBS,NBC,ABC,FOX). They allow RVs to register for an exception to get the NY & LA feeds, but NOT Boats. Do you know of a way to get these satellite feeds? Local channels are worthless moving up & down the east coast and in the Bahamas.
I am in the process of purchasing a new boat. The boat is a 28' trimaran, and I am planning on doing some fairly long distance cruising in the boat. I understand that USCG documentation is often helpful in foreign countries, more so than state registration, and want to know if the boat would qualify for documentation. If not, is there any way to get the boat documented-any exceptions to the documentation requirements. I understand that there is a five ton minimum and I don't think the Telstar would qualify.
Great work you are doing. I'm asking this question for my father. He is about to take his boat down to Del Ray beach from cape may nj and has just heard that there is no fuel available from Jackson Fl south, and that there won't be any for 10 days! Is this true? If you can respond to this asap, I would appreciate it.
What is the ideal width for the side decks, I'm having a 52' power cat built.
Sailing a catalina 30 from West Palm Beach, Florida to lake Erie. Need help on best time of year and best and shortes route. Is the Mississippi river, Hudson river or Delaware an option? Thanks,
In all honesty, I'm really not sure if the following question is properly directed to you or should be answered elsewhere. My question is in the area of buying a boat; more precisely a 'first' boat. I've tried to read to familiarize myself with the steps to be followed. The boat I'm looking to purchase is a relatively small boat (19-23') a cuddy/cabin cruiser. More-than-likely $8000 (or less) Knowing that the said price range would be applicable to older boats. As far as the actual (sale) process itself is concerned... once I've viewed the prospective boat(s) and have satisfied myself with regards to the 'sea trial' what steps should be followed and in what order? / If paying cash - just how important/necessary for a smaller, older boat is a survey? Especially when weighing the cost of the survey against the price of the boat. If I want to employ a buying service (such as BoatUS) should that be requested prior to any survey or after? Further, at this point is the sales transction. Should I offer a down payment [i.e. earnest money] with the stipulation it is to be refunded if the vessel fails the survey? Would/could any of the preceeding steps be eliminated based on whether the boat is purchased from a dealer or private party? I'm sure you can tell from the nature of the aforementioned questions that I am indeed a complete novice. I'm trying to avoid a costly mistake, one which could potentially cost me several thousand dollars and sour me on the boating experience. Any suggestions, recommendations you can possibly make will be great- fully appreciated. Thanks so much!!
With the price of fuel, what RPM, or speed should I cruise at. Im looking for that econical range. My boat is a 31 foot Silverton Convertable. It has twin Crusader 270 HP Chevy 350 engines. V drive inboard Thank You
we are considering sinding our 34' Mainship (MV) to st.thomas u.s. virgin islands and leave it there for about one year.should we hire a delivery captain or is it cost efective to have it shipped by yacht transport?