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One of the first services offered by BoatUS nearly 30 years ago, the Consumer Protection Bureau operates as an informal dispute mediation service. BoatUS can help both sides in a dispute reach an amicable resolution. You can count on us for unbiased consumer information, education, and help.

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When having your boat repaired, ask for a target completion date and write into your work order.


Consumer Alert!

Composite Propane Tank Danger!

The U.S. Department of Transportations has issued a recall of all propane and gas cylinders manufactured by The Lite Cylinder Company, Inc., of Franklin, TN because of hazards due to leaks or damages. The DOT noted that there have been many incidents of ruptured or leaking tanks that have caused injuries. The recall says: "Under no circumstances should a cylinder described in this emergency recall order be filled, refilled, or used for the transportation of hazardous materials." The DOT says about 55,000 of the two-piece fully wrapped fiber composite cylinders must be taken out of service immediately. If you have one of these see-through composite tanks, stop using it and take it to a propane facility so it can be emptied. For more information, go to: