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One of the first services offered by BoatUS nearly 30 years ago, the Consumer Protection Bureau operates as an informal dispute mediation service. BoatUS can help both sides in a dispute reach an amicable resolution. You can count on us for unbiased consumer information, education, and help.
Safety Recall!
Inflator pumps sold at West Marine stores and BoatUS marine centers have been recalled because of a serious safety defect. Consumers should stop using the pumps immediately because they can explode during use, ejecting sharp plastic parts and posing a serious laceration hazard to consumers. Click here for more details.
Scam Alert!
The Internet can be a great tool to find the perfect boat for you or to sell the boat that you have (so you can find the next perfect one). Sometimes, though, navigating its murky waters can be tough. Below are some tips that can help buyers and sellers avoid unseen shoals. Read more

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