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If you want to report a complaint about a boat, marine engine or other marine-related service or if you just want to share a good experience, please fill out the following complaint/compliment form. The information you report will be entered into the BoatUS Consumer Protection Bureau's industry information data base, which is available for reference by BoatUS members only. The Bureau also mediates disputes with the marine industry on behalf of members. Please let us know if you need our help.


COMPLAINTS: (Complete Items 1 through 6)
COMPLIMENTS: (Complete Items 1, 2 and 7)
(*) All sections marked with an asterisk are required to accurately process your form.

Item 1:

E-mail Address
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Item 2:

Description of Boat and Engine:
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    Hull Identification Number (HIN)
    Engine Make
    Engine Model
    Engine Year
    Engine Serial Number
    Date of Purchase
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Description of Product:
Description of Service:

Item 3:

Explain the details of your Complaint or Positive Evaluation:    

Copies of marine surveys, invoices or correspondence documenting your report should be sent to:
BoatUS Consumer Protection Bureau
Attn: Caroline Ajootian
880 South Pickett St
Alexandria, VA 22304
or fax to: Caroline Ajootian 703-461-4674

Item 4:

I contacted the Dealer on

Dealer response was:

Item 5:

I contacted the Manufacturer on

Manufacturer response was:

Item 6:

Remedy that you are requesting (Example: replacement, refund, repairs, etc.)

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