Purchase and Sale Forms

Purchase Agreement

Use this document if you intend to buy a boat, but have certain things that must be done before you will accept the boat, such as a satisfactory marine survey, specific repairs, the ability to finance and/or insure the boat. Make sure that the Hull Identification Number (HIN) and other serial numbers are listed along with all the equipment that is to be sold along with the boat. Specify a date on which the boat must either be accepted and paid for, or rejected with all deposit returned. Buyers and sellers should each keep a signed copy. Once you have accepted the boat, use the Bill of Sale form as proof of purchase.

Bill of Sale

Use this document as proof of purchase and sale; buyer(s) and seller(s) should each have a signed copy. Buyers should check with their state/county to find out if this form needs to be notarized in order to obtain title and registration. Make sure Hull Identification Number (HIN), title (if in a title state) and registration numbers match on all documents as well as on the boat. Note: You may need a separate Bill of Sale for trailers, depending on your state titling/registration requirements.