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Topic: late model silverton problems 99-04
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Posted: 14 September 2003 at 8:32am | IP Logged
I have a 2001 410 sportbridge that has been nothing short of a huge nightmare of very poor quality control. I used the boat a couple of times in 2001 and have not been able to use it since. The problems showed up the day I took delivery. Has been worked on by many many people from the manufacture of the boat, crusader engine co., and three different marinas.I was just getting the run around from silverton. I had to get legal help after allowing them many hours ( i have documented all and have been there with all who worked on it). I understand that I would have a few problems but not even dreamed of the amount I've had. Anyone with stories of related boat problems with silverton boats please contact me asap. On 09/16/03 all lawyers, company reps., suryors etc want to take this half running floating outhouse out for a sea trial as so they can finally believe for themselves what has been written on many work orders, logged into engine manufactures computers and endless pictures and testomonies already documented. Thank you for any support or info you can supply me, and I hope I can make a statement on behalf of all boat owners that these companies need to be held accountable.
Captain Keith
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Silverton and Crusader have always been two of the better companies for customer service and warranty in my experience. But no one is perfect. Can you be a little more specific about your problems? It is kind of hard to give advice with so little information. Where are you located and who was your selling dealer? I have yet to see a problem that couldn't be resolved, it just is a matter of getting the right people co-operating.
90 EL
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I am on my 5th Silverton now and never had any problems with them. Everyone had Crusader engines in them except for the first one that I bought back in 1974, that had a Chrysler 318 in it. As long as you keep up normal maintenance on these boats you should have a boat that will give you years of service.


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Our database contains the following reports on 1999 and newer Silvertons:

• 1999 Silverton 392 MY STNE0290G899:
05/12/00 Large areas of delamination found at secondary bonds (tabbing) securing the galley & salon soles, bulkheads, engine compartment bulkhead -- both pt/stbd. Tabbing had been bonded to gel coated internal surface. Gel coat is separating from laminate underneath. Surveyor says he's seen another Silverton 392 w/ same condition. BoatU.S. spoke w/ Silverton engineer: they acknowledge that gel coat wasn't bonded properly to laminate & that gel coat wasn't sanded or prepped properly before tabbing applied. They will take care of repairs.

• 1999 Silverton 330 Sportbridge STNAD035A999-330:
01/08/02 During 2000 season CO detector sounded. It wouldn't shut off so owner disconnected it & installed several replacements, all of which sounded. He tested air in cabin w/ a sensitive detector which recorded 100ppm when generator runs, doesn't seem to happen w/ engine exhaust. Determined that exhaust fumes are entering cabin through rear sliding door, which doesn't seal completely. Owner wants manufacturer to come up w/ a fix. 2/14: Manufacturer wrote: they "completed testing on the 330 model and found no evidence of CO in the cabin at levels that would activate the CO alarm." (tested another boat at the factory -- ????) Recommended that owner bring his boat to dealer for inspection.

• 1999 twin MerCruiser 7.4L Bluewater inboard engines w/ Hurth transmissions; Silverton 330:
06/26/02 Stbd engine was replaced under warranty & recently heads were replaced on same engine due to water ingestion. Merc directed owner not to use his boat until their "water ingestion team" evaluates the problem. Owner wrote that Mercruiser and Silverton are working together to solve the problem. Silverton sent "S" pipes for the exhaust system and will pay all installation costs. Mercruiser replaced the gaskets in the risers so engines meet the specs as identified in their Service Bulletins.

1999-2003 Silverton 330 Sport Bridge with HINs 31 through 244:
Many 330 Sport Bridge models may have been manufactured with the propeller shaft seals improperly installed. This could cause failure of the shaft log tube, which would allow water to enter the boat. Owners should bring boats to Silverton dealers or authorized service centers for inspection and repair. Silverton, 800-882-9266

• 2000 Silverton Sport Bridge 330:
09/05/00 Many quality control problems. Dealer repaired some, but problems arise weekly. Manufacturer won't extend warranty but has agreed to make all repairs in the spring. Owner has high praise for dealer, Staten Island Boat Sales.

• 2000 Silverton 422 STNB0076G900 (purchased new 2001):
12/21/01 Owner has had quality control problems since delivery in April 2001. All were warranty issues & all were taken care of except one: damages to fiberglass swim platform. When boat had originally been surveyed, it was found that there were many voids located around swim platform, as if it had been backed into a bulkhead at high speed. Owner got a couple estimates on repairing swim platform before owner contacted manufacturer, who sent someone to look at boat. Manufacturer rep said swim platform had to be replaced. Manufacturer agreed to cover gel coat problems but feels since swim platform was obviously damaged by dealer, they should cover it.

• 2001 Silverton 410 Sport Bridge
04/09/ 2002 Owner has had problems with boat since he took delivery 4/01. Owner wrote to manufacturer 7/01 about problems. Major ones: fuel leaks stbd & pt, vibration on pt engine & main breaker on transom trips. Rest of problems are quality control problems but there are 17 of them (door problems, vacuum doesn’t work, light problems, v-berth heater/ AC doesn’t work properly, and oil gauges not working properly). Owner states that pt transmission is leaking.

• 2000 Silverton 39'; twin MerCruiser 7.4L Horizon engines:
10/12/02 Owner's gone through 6 engines ( 3 each side) due to water ingestion. Merc's supplied long blocks only, no risers or other exhaust updates. Following latest failures, Merc is offering complete engine replacements. Owner wants to trade up to 8.1L engines or, preferably, a completely new boat. Owner wrote: Merc is sending engineers from OK to help w/ new installation, which will include new S pipes for exhaust.

• 2001 Silverton 410 Sportbridge:
01/09/03 Many problems w/ boat & Crusader engine, owner doesn't detail. Owner says neither Silverton nor Crusader have been much help, boat's been unusable since he took delivery in 2001.
Caroline Ajootian

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