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Does anyone have feedback on this boat....looks and runs great in the chop.  Just wondering as to the quality.





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Fans for Chaparral and Regal can usually have a spirited p*s*i*g match.

Sweet boat!

Kelly Cook

Caroline Ajootian
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I searched our consumer protection database (see link at the top of this
page) for reports on 2004 and newer Regal 2700s and found the
following recall notice:

Recall 06R1557S
Regal Marine Industries, Inc., 407-851-4360     
2007 Regal 2700         &n bsp;The continuously energized and ungrounded
terminals on the battery switch for the battery input conductors and the
output conductors to the engine starter motor and distribution panel are
not protected from accidental short-circuiting. In addition, manufacturer
installs a 51-inch "all-round light" on the starboard aft gunwale. The boat
inspected had a bimini top installed. From the deck to the top of the all-
round light is 83 inches and 82 inches from the front center of the bimini
top to the deck. The light as installed is obstructed by the bimini top and
does not meet requirements of the navigation rules.      
Caroline Ajootian   http://www.BoatUS.com/consumer
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Knot Work,

If you go to www.jdpower.com/boats you will see that they give the Regal the highest marks.  In fact Regal was their 2007 boat award recipient. 

Without knowing which Regal boat you are looking at it is really difficult to form an opinion.  I am fairly new to boating and have done exhaustive research when looking for a boat myself.  My search for an express cruiser came down between Regal, Four Winns and Chaparral.  All great boats.  Ended up with the Four Winns because that is the one I found the best deal on at the time.  Check out JD Power.

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JD Power' boat page isn't working!
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If JD Power rates them high, it has to be true.

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I have been very happy with my Regal in not only the quality of the boat, but the support of both Regal and the dealer I purchased it from.  I'd check for feedback on the boat your looking at on the Regal Owners Forum:


Good luck


Steve Winer
Sojourns - 2006 Regal 3860

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