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Why can't I log in to
Read through the following list to determine if your log in problems can be solved easily.

1. Make sure your caps-lock is not on
Passwords are case-sensitive when you log in - double check to ensure that your Caps Lock is not on.

2. Enable Cookies
For to be as interactive as possible, it requires both Cookies and JavaScript to work with each visitor's browser. Please take the following steps below to ensure your browser is set up to work properly on our site.
NOTE: Cookies and JavaScript are basic programs that most computers have set to work as their default.

How Do I adjust the "Cookies" settings on my computer?

Explanation of Cookies uses "Cookies" to make your browsing experience faster and more efficient. A "Cookie" is a very small file placed on your computer that contains a registration ID that only this site can receive. When you come into our site, your browser sends the "Cookie" that identifies you as a returning visitor. If you have registered or purchased from us in the past, your name, address and other information is linked to this ID and you will not have to re-enter the same information again.

Our "Cookie" cannot inflict any harm to your computer. We cannot invade your privacy or monitor your internet use on any site except Any site activity on is 100% secure and used only for our exclusive use. If you are experiencing problems with "Cookies" on our site, it may be that "cookie-trimming" or file utility software is causing the difficulty. Even certain browsers can be set to suppress cookies.

Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher: Click the Tools drop-down menu, then click "Internet Options..." Click the "Privacy" tab, and then adjust the setting on the left to "Low". This should enable your browser to accept cookies. For information from Microsoft on changing your Cookies setting in earlier versions of Internet Explorer Click Here.

Netscape Users: Click Preferences on the Edit drop-down menu, then choose Advanced and adjusting the settings in the Cookies box.

3. Enable JavaScript
How Do I enable JavaScript on my computer?

Internet Explorer Users:
* Open a browser window
* Click on "Tools" from the drop-down menu
* Click on "Internet Options..."
* Click on the "Security" tab
* Click on "Custom Level"
* Scroll to the bottom until you see "Active Scripting." Make sure that "Enabled" is checked.
* Click "OK"

Mozilla Users:
Open the Edit menu and choose Preferences
Under the Advanced category, click Scripts & Plug-ins. (If no subcategories are visible, double-click Advanced to expand the list.)

The Scripts & Plug-ins preferences panel allows you to control how JavaScript and plug-ins are used:
Enable JavaScript for: (Select these checkboxes to turn JavaScript on)
* Navigator: Toggles JavaScript for web pages opened in Navigator.
* Mail & Newsgroups: Toggles JavaScript for web pages opened in Mail & Newsgroups.

Allow scripts to: (Select these checkboxes to control how JavaScript can be used)
* Move or resize existing windows: Allows open windows to be resized or moved.
* Raise or lower windows: Allows windows to be placed under or on top of other windows.
* Hide the status bar: Allows the status bar to be hidden.

* Change status bar text: Allows status bar text to be changed, such as in scrolling text in the status bar.

* Change images: Allows images to be changed or animated, such as in image rollovers (images that change when the mouse cursor is placed over them).

* Create or change cookies: Allows cookies to be changed or created using JavaScript.

* Read cookies: Allows cookies to be read using JavaScript.

4. Delete old cookies
How Do I Delete the "Cookies" on my Computer?
Internet Explorer Users:
* Open Internet Explorer browser
* Click on Tools
* Click on Internet Options from the drop-down menu
* Click on Delete Cookies in the pop-up menu
* Click Apply
* Click OK
* Close your browser and restart your computer

Netscape Users:
* Open Netscape browser
* Click Tools
* Click on Cookies Manager
* Click on Manage Stored Cookies
* Click Remove All Cookies.
* Click Close
* Close your browser and restart your computer

For more information on Cookies in earlier versions of Internet Explorer, you can visit this Microsoft web page:

5. Forgotten Password?
If you have forgotten your password, please Click Here to have it emailed to you or call toll free (800) 395-2628.

NOTE: If you have a Spam Blocker program, or your Internet Service Provider uses one, you must add to your address book before you request your password.

If you still experiencing problems with the Login, please email us at

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